Military Life and Entrepreneurship Expert Jen Pilcher


Military Life and Entrepreneurship Expert Jen Pilcher

Creating a successful and portable business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and sacrifices to make it happen. In episode 10 of the Military Money Movement Podcast, hosts Hank Coleman and Lacey Langford are talking with, Jen Pilcher, an expert on military life topics, Senior Strategist for Crosby Marketing Communications and founder of MilitaryOneClick. Jen pulls from her more than 15 years of marketing and media experience and her personal experience as a Navy spouse, to empower the lives of active duty personnel, reservists, veterans, and military spouses.

In our interview, we discuss her journey creating and building MilitaryOneClick and the lessons she learned along the way. We also talk with Jen about her new position with Crosby Marketing Communications and the work she is doing for the military community with clients like Military OneSource and Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Paying yourself as a business owner
  3. Hiring your first employees
  4. Patriot Boot Camp
  5. Business mentors
  6. Career transitions
  7. Military spouse employment
  8. Veterans
  9. Finding a balance between family and business

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This week’s Game Time is Gary Vaynerchuk Trivia.

The history of Gary’s birthplace, Belarus

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This week it’s how the heck does the British Royal Family make money? I must know!

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