Increase Your Car buying Confidence with USAA’s Car Buying Service


Researching and buying a new car is something most people dread. There are many factors that go into making the decision. Let’s be real. The new car is the only part of the whole deal that’s fun. Because there’s the research, budgeting, negotiating, plus getting a car loan. The lead up is a real drag. But today we’re bringing you help. Claudia Luna! She is talking with us today about USAA’s Car Buying Service and how it can make your car buying experience a whole lot better.

Our guest today is Claudia Luna,  USAA’s Vendor Relationship Manager Lead, for their Auto Experience.  In this episode, Claudia shares with us more about the car buying services and how it can help make USAA’s member lives a lot easier when it comes to getting a new or used car. The knowledge and advice from this program are going to give you more car buying confidence! We’re excited to share the nuggets of wisdom in the episode today!

Here’s a breakdown of what we discuss:

  • What USAA’s Car Buying Service is
  • Where to get help buying a car
  • The certificate
  • Using the service for used cars
  • Benefits to members

Game Time

In this week’s Game Time Claudia plays a mean game of Two Truths and a Lie with us.

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