How To Plan Your Money To Start A Business In the Military with Joanna and John Guldin


Starting a business is a big deal. It requires planning and preparation to have success. Just like a mission. Without the planning and prep, mistakes can be made that will hurt your chances of success and your finances.

Today I’m excited to welcome Joanna Guldin and John Noll to the show. They’re the founders and Swatara Coffee Company. An independent coffee shop in historic Jonestown, PA.

John began the planning of their coffee company long before he left being an active officer with the Navy. At the time, he was deployed to Afghanistan and him and Joanna were engaged.

In this episode, Joanna and John share with us their journey in planning the finances and the details of their coffee shop business well before they took the leap into entrepreneurship. They are sharing behind the scene advice to help you with the ups and downs, communication and planning of a business. This is a great show for those thinking about starting a business before or after leaving the military.

In this episode:

  • Entrepreneurship after military service.
  • Business ideas and planning
  • Running your own business
  • How to financially achieve your business goal
  • Preparations you can take to start a business
  • Bootstrapping vs  financing
  • Getting over fears
  • How to plan for the unexpected
  • What Servicemembers and spouses thinking of starting their own business should know beforehand

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