How to Find Blogging Success After Military Service with Joseph Hogue


Joseph Hogue

To stay in or get out: that is the question many Service members struggle with. That’s because it’s a scary decision when you don’t know what the future holds after service. In this episode of MilMoney Movement Podcast, we’re talking with a veteran who has found great success after separating from service, Joseph Hogue.

He is an author, YouTube expert, certified financial analyst, and now a full-time professional blogger. Joseph is a Marine Corps veteran who runs the successful YouTube Channel Let’s Talk Money with Joseph Hogue and 6 successful blogs that focus on personal finance, investing, making money, and crowdfunding.

Our interview with Joseph goes over some interesting points about transitioning out of the military, how to start investing and being an entrepreneur vet. Plus what’s a discussion between an airman, a marine and an Army dude without a bunch of digs?

Game Time

In this episode we play Never Have I Ever: Money Edition with Hank, Lacey, and Joseph.

What’s on Lacey’s Mind

This week it’s how the heck to U.S. Open makes millions off of hat sales.

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