How To Balance Your Health and Wealth with Jean Chatzky


health and wealth with Jean Chatzky

Living your best life means finding a balance between your health and wealth. To learn more about how to strike this balance, we’ve brought on Jean Chatzky. She is the financial editor of NBC’s TODAY show and AARP’s personal finance ambassador, to discuss her new book Age Proof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip written with Dr. Roizen.

Jean talks with us (recorded LIVE at FINCON18) about the link between your health and your wealth. And ways to improve both at the same time using skills you already have in place for both health and money.

Show subjects:

  • Interchanging your money and health skills for success in both
  • Automating health and wealth
  • Staying focused on your finances, not others
  • Tracking your money and health
  • How to change bad habits
  • Communicating about money with your spouse
  • Jean’s favorite money app

Game Time

This week’s Game Time is Never Have I Ever: Money Edition. Jean comes up with a good one that you’ll find interesting.

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